What are we?

What is uforesearchers.com?

This website is a public community resource dedicated to anything dealing with UFO’s around the world. We post articles on observations, encounters, and research that has been conducted in the past.

It is ran by one person, me, Steve H. and I have spent my whole life researching this topic as a hobby. With over 27 years of research in various countries on the topic of UFO, and many sightings that motivated the interest, we can say that the knowledge you’ll find on this website is based on years of observation and analysis.

We believe that no opinion is crazy, and we want to hear everyone’s opinion. Whether you agree or disagree we are always glad to hear your respectful opinion on the matter.

“One of the greatest mysteries in our universe; are we alone?”

We encourage anyone out there with great footage, or a great idea, or any thought that they believe will helps us answer the questions that deep down inside drives our humanity; “are we alone?”, to contact us and tell us what you think, become part of the community, get involved, help us unify the world in this matter.

“If alien life does in fact exist, it should be in humanities first and foremost interest to bring it to light. Allowing governments with ‘classified’ interests to handle this matter does not guarantee a peaceful coexistence”

In order to help ensure this, we have created this community in hopes that experiences, knowledge anyone might posses, and working methods of contact do not simply fall through the cracks of society. It is likely that in order to reach the goal of a fruitful coexistence we must keep advancements public to assist the information of remaining public and away from it being suppressed, while allowing the worlds citizens to contribute to it for further advancement.

We look forward to hearing from you, and once again we remind you to submit videos, links, or simply share ideas with the community, as well as sharing our articles on facebook with your facebook friends. We would like to see undeniable fact that we can present to the world, and perhaps help provide humanity with the access to the knowledge into the propulsion systems, as well as the needed technology that may already be in possession of some of the worlds governments.


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