Can I help?

We live in a world where electronics are a daily part of our lives. This has helped document the UFO phenomenon to an unprecedented level. We encourage everyone to share their experiences as well as their photographs with us and help us get the message out that we are not alone in this universe. Help us get to the truth of the topic, and help us encourage the governments of the world to share the technologies discovered to help brighten our future as a species.

Sharing your photographs is easy and painless. Simply send  an email to with an attached image, as well as an explanation in the body of the email as to the history of the image.

Details we would like:

  • Date of the photo
  • Location, lat./long. if available, otherwise, town and state, or intersection
  • First name of individuals involved, will not be disclosed unless you want me to.
  • Weather during the sighting.

Unless precisely stated, names, addresses, parties involved will remain private, and will not be published on this or any other website. Individuals who wish to remain anonymous, have this right and their identity will ALWAYS remain private. If you wish for us to provide credit for your submitted photo, just let us know and we will make sure to include that information.

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