Key Phrases mentioned by Rep. Tim Burchett/David Grusch amongst a few

We’ve been closely following the UFO news since the “disclosure” began a few years ago. Currently, several key statements are echoing across various platforms from individuals involved and debriefed in the matter.

It seems that a significant portion of undisclosed and undiscussed reality is connected to the following keywords. While I don’t possess any internal knowledge, I offer some analytical thoughts that could potentially align with scientific facts.

David Grusch being sworn in prior to his testimony before congress.

Key Terms mentioned by Grusch:

  1. The Gang of Eight: Representatives Tim Burchett and David Grusch have hinted that the Gang of Eight is implicated. These eight individuals allegedly hold the complete story about UFO/UAPs, potentially undermining the US Constitution. They possess knowledge that could propel humanity into a new era of coexistence with our planet.
  2. Inter-dimensional Beings: References to inter-dimensional beings suggest the potential reality of dimensions beyond theoretical mathematics. The notion implies not only the existence of dimensions but also the possibility of traversing them. Could this involve Earthlings from an adjacent dimension, leading to speculation about portals and cohabitation in other dimensions?
  3. Gravity Drive: Initially mentioned by Bob Lazar in previous decades, the concept of a gravity drive is gaining acceptance as a plausible explanation for UFO functionality. Could a deeper understanding of gravity be the key to uncovering portals or unique flight dynamics?
  4. Non-Human Intelligence (NHI): The term NHI raises questions about how it differs from the concept of aliens. If these beings are extraterrestrial, where are they from? What dimensions do they inhabit? Do they have basic needs like sustenance? How do they communicate, and what is their perspective on us?
  5. Lockheed Martin / Northrop Grunman: As major government contractors, these companies have reportedly received materials from the US government for the development of weapons systems. This raises concerns about market manipulation and the potential evasion of public scrutiny by transitioning projects to private entities. This could be seen as a coordinated effort by the Gang of Eight.
  6. Specific Locations of Non-Human Materials: Information from David Grusch points to historical instances of UFO recoveries, such as Mussolini recovering one in 1933 in Italy. Germany and the USA reportedly have possession of nine objects each, some abandoned and others crashed. Noteworthy is the claim of two crafts being in working condition. The limited success of reverse engineering prompts the belief that a joint scientific effort may be needed.

The data presented is factual, and as we reflect on it, it appears we are on the brink of uncovering missing pieces in nature, mathematics, science, and our position in the cosmos. This information holds the promise of expanding our understanding significantly, albeit with many questions yet to be answered.

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