David Grusch, unreal tales of an unknown reality

For about 100+ years we have been hearing claims of UFO/UAP retrievals, recovered aliens alive and dead.

First, there was Roswell, New Mexico.

Second there was Aurora, Texas.

Third, Germany.

Fourth and beyond first, Italy…. wait, what?

The list above outlines a very strange timeline that jumps leaps and bounds across several generations. They are listed in order of release to the public. These items cover 100+ years of history that tell unreal tales in many cases worded with limited available explanations of their times. We can use for example the term “flying saucer”; this term was coined when Kenneth Arnold saw it skipping by Mt. Rainier in 1947. Although this is the accepted idea how the term came to be, I think it may have had to do something with kitchen saucers being thrown at Kenneth by his lovely. (yes, insert laugh here).

Prior to 1947 they where known under other variations of names, cigar shaped, two plate shaped, airships, light ships. The most interesting fact related to the names used is the similarities in names used today; of course, up until the DoD decided to call it something else to further hide search results from FOIA requests; this is the simple reality of how UAP came to be. You ask for a FOIA request on UFO’s, and they are filed under UAP… this allows them to justifiably say, “we do not have any documents under that term”.

As you analyze the similarities prior to 1947, regarding names used to describe impossible things you start to see a picture in which still to this day folks call it by many of the same names…. “it was a light ship”, “it looked like a cigar”, “it was a flying saucer”…. these are all statements that anyone that has been reading about UFO’s will surely have come across. David Grusch comes into the picture late in the topic, and lore. He (David) comes in well decorated military man, that has worked his entire life in covert programs and high secrecy projects. He comes in guns blazing in front of the USA Government and begins to tell the tale with Project names that he has been relayed by other witnesses that are afraid to come forward for fear of reprisal from some unknown three letter agencies.

Currently, the United States government is acknowledging their existence and encouraging “certain” whistleblowers to come forward to reveal to US Congress the realities of what they are aware of. Congress is now realizing that they aren’t actually “running” these projects due to compartmentalization, and are probably missing out on some unreal opportunities if this case is able to be proven by them.

David Grusch comes in hot during his briefing to Congress claiming that Special Access Programs have kept Congress and any other relevant agency from providing any sort of oversight to these activities, hence meaning that the United States government has been funding them without knowledge, and without any say under their label of SAP.

Many FOIA requests, Outrageous claims for over 50+ years, and why is it getting attention now?

In my personal opinion this is where the topic starts getting a bit sad. Some Senators made some wild claims a few years ago regarding Special Access Programs (SAP), and how they believed that these types of programs provided some cover for potential fraud or could be budgeting of what could potentially be some unconstitutional acts.

“Senator Josh Hawley said, “I’m not surprised, necessarily, by these latest allegations, because it sounds pretty close to what they kind of grudgingly admitted to us in the briefing.” – reference

“Senator Marco Rubio, vice-chair of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence said, “there are people who have come forward to share information with our committee over the last couple of years” with “first-hand knowledge” and that they were “potentially some of the same people perhaps” referred to by Grusch.[36][37]” – reference.

Where does this leave us in the disclosure topic?

A realistic perspective to this would be that the UFO/UAP topic takes a backseat to a congressional hearing about black budgets, SAP’s. IF Congress does indeed discover something regarding UFO’s/UAP’s I do not believe they will disclose to us this information. At this point they are trying to open a criminal investigation into a topic that a select group of well connected folks do not want the world to know about. It could be select members of three letter organizations, or simply a group of well connected retired officials. In either case one can argue that the needs of these programs has most definitely matured. This can easily be assumed by the growth year over year in the National Defense Authorization Act.

I do wish to be incorrect, and have this be a complete open book policy on UFO’s/UAP’s and any other term they are being called behind doors. I did find it discouraging early on when the Tic-Tac video came out, and the official statement was, “yes, they are real and we have been tracking them during our exercises, but they are not aliens”. That was early on when I started forming my opinion on how this was going to go.

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