Reports of UFO/UAP Engagements, Sightings, New Data

Never thought in my lifetime I would be able to write about Unidentified Flying Objects and Military engagements against them. For some reason the more I think about this, the more disturbed I feel.

In this series we will discuss the current events and situationally where we are as a species in regards to the topic of UFO’s/UAP’s and what ever other acronym folks use these days.

As you read through this section, keep in mind that my research into this topic has been ongoing since I was 8 years old (currently 45years old) and saw my first set of strange lights, doing strange things. Since then I have been obsessed in getting answers to my questions. I have spent my life reading on all the common cases, and also documenting cases and interviews with first hand experiencers in hopes to be able to find a commonality and truth on what this phenomena could be. I have personally seen discs, cigar shaped UFO’s, Orbs, but I have never seen an alien from outer space. Regardless of beliefs, it will be exciting to find out finally who are the folks behind these crafts.

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