Here we are, months after disclosure and no one knows anything.

We’ve seen online arguments, folks turning on folks, and still we sit here with no official news regarding their study of UFO’s/UAP’s. 70+ years of sightings and not a peep of anything regarding what the real level of knowledge they have acquired over this time really is. For anyone making the argument that the research just began, all I can say is “you haven’t been paying attention.”

At this point Luis Elizondo is arguing online with other members that have supported him for some time. I still stand in my belief that he is being used to deliver the US Governments perspective; which is, UAP’s are dangerous and represent a clear and present danger to our way of life. My belief is based on the direction that disclosure has taken through this last year. I really hope to be wrong, but I believe their true perspective is to ensure that no one gets their hands on this technology but them.

With the creation of the Space Force branch of the military we could’ve assumed they would need a mission. The research of extra-terrestrials or UAP’s seems like a great place to start in my opinion.

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