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This post is just for discussion, thoughts, and perspectives within the topic of UFO’s. My statements are based on the experiences and knowledge gained though research that I have done for over 25+ years. I will not be very detailed for the sake of discussion, and for the sake of being able to complete this post in a timely fashion. Many individuals do their own research, and anything mentioned within my posts can be easily googled; this permits you to choose a source of reference that you feel is reliable.

Defining UFO’s: (Unidentified Flying Objects) This means that because something is unique in design and cannot be identified it is not automatically of alien origin.

It means that it cannot be identified. In perspective it is important to note that typically 40,000 feet is pretty much a distance where just about anything you observe in the sky will fall into that category. Large aircraft will be more visible, and if it is something such as an airliner it may be identified easily by the general public. This is important to remember when trying to identify an aircraft. At this range, color of the aircraft can make it seems as something that it is not.


Antigravity Technology: Technology that defies gravity.

Typically when people bring up this topic, individuals become uncomfortable and this leads to negatively categorizing an individual as crazy. The reality is that it is not only possible but mathematically accurate that this should be possible. Now all we have to do is define exactly what gravity is. In reality, certain things can be said about gravity through observation, but our collective knowledge of science does a very poor job in truly defining gravity. Therefore, we cannot manipulate gravity to the extent of using it for travel; and this is just a limitation of our current understanding of science, but theoretically a fact. A recent theory states that gravity could be defined as waves…. if this is the case, then manipulating it should not be a problem as it makes it fall in the realm of frequencies, and thus allows us to apply the known theories in this field. I personally believe that everything in nature is frequency based. Nikola Tesla believed that this was also the case and therefore based many of his theories and experiments around this, somehow I have a hard time disagreeing with Nikola Tesla.


Can the Gov’t confiscate a patent in the name of National Security?

Yes it can. There are plenty of well documented cases in which this has been the case and clauses for this are openly stated. I am not trying to get into specifics, but plenty of reading from reliable sources of instances of this practice. Due to this it would be naïve to not rationalize that scientific developments are being regulated and release of new ideas are subject to their approvals, therefore making scientific advancements availability regulated to the public.


Are aliens real?

That is the big question. To establish what it is meant by aliens we will clarify by saying, life not from this Earth. According to the Drake equation one can establish that it is a very high possibility that there is extraterrestrial life in the Universe. The Drake equation is often debated in that it is impossible to know if it is correct because we do not know the exact numbers of the variables… to those individuals I say, even with low estimates in the needed variables the answer is undeniably so. Mathematically it is more likely that we are not alone, than existing alone in the Universe. I’m going to stick to the math on this one.


Where aliens involved in humanity acquiring technology beyond our understanding?

For me this is where things begin to get shady. I’d like to think that we have had this ability to invent. We can reference multiple “crashes” of “reportedly alien technology” as a means to establish that there was this opportunity to receive the information from aliens. Officially it is left up to speculation, with facts peppered along the way. I would not like to underestimate our ingenuity as humans, but would like to believe that we where helped by sources from other worlds. Ancient man sure made the claim that they where helped by individuals from the heavens. The fact that this has been a topic of interest for thousands of years does make one wonder if there is anything to it. I believe this helps motivate individuals to search for proof. I am personally not ready to assume what aliens would look like, however; if we are being visited I think it would be pretty amazing to be able to meet one. I have seen some pretty weird things in my life, but black almond eyed aliens isn’t one of them. Due to the conflicting belief that many of the strange sightings reported around the world do stand a chance of being secret test vehicles or aircraft of different governments. The fact that this is a common reality, I am reluctant to assume that everything is an extraterrestrial UFO. If solid evidence points me in the direction that aliens are a reality, then so be it.


Should humanity focus on becoming a space faring race?

This should be in the worlds best interest. Currently we have all of our eggs in one basket. This is to say that in case of a catastrophe, it is very likely in the current one world home that we as humans, may perish. We will use the example of asteroids, we know we are going to get hit, we just don’t know when. An event as such could end humanity. Currently we are divided by politics, separated by religion, and judged by race, when in fact we are one species of humans. Certainly, we have some differences, but we are one humanity, and as such we should strive to make it to the stars.


Should we go back to the moon?


With the advances in technology over the last 40 years getting to the moon should be much easier than the first attempts we made. Certainly the requirements needed to get to the moon during the Apollo programs has not changed, and variables such as distances and methods remains the same, but a significant improvement in technologies since our last visit to the moon do assure us that it will not be a difficult task. Perhaps building bases on the Moon is of interest to us if we are planning on conquering other worlds.


Is rocket technology the way to go?

Definitely not. Although recent advancements in technology have allowed for the reusing of booster stages for more efficient use of the technology I do not believe that rockets are the way to go. Rockets are an inefficient way to move around and therefore cannot be the correct solution. In order to efficiently be able to travel through space, we need to not be victims to the forces of space. It is much easier to land when you can stop on a dime, than when you are subject to a trajectory and gradual descent due to limitations in fuel and method of travel.


I made this post to set a baseline regarding my thoughts on the topic. As an individual I believe anything is possible, and after all the experiences I have had through out my lifetime I can say I am intrigued by the topic and im always interested in researching it. Feel free to post as comments your thoughts, and register an account to stay up to the minute with www.UFOResearchers.Org












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