The ships, a general thought

Billy Meier UFO's, Switzerland

Billy Meier UFO’s, Switzerland

It goes without a doubt that governments of the world are always in constant development of new technologies. Whether for war, peace, defense, transportation, or industrial uses we are constantly seeking better materials, and better ways to build our future. With this said, we understand that many of the reported crafts, can be attributed to “black projects” that these governments undertake. However, many of these reports will remain in the “we have no idea” what that was category. These reports typically involve some rather odd descriptions when witnesses begin talking about what they saw.

“The lights moved erratically, changed directions at very, very high speeds”

“It hovered with no noise”

These statements seem to be constants in the topic, and we believe that these are the sightings that provide the most insight into speculating what kind of technology is being used, and how are they achieving the incredible results. Perhaps by analyzing these sightings we can gain an insight for us to focus on.

We will discuss many different types  of encounters, and characteristics in this section, as well as posting some practical examples which in someway maybe related to the technology.




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