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Specialty capacitor 1900-2000.

Specialty capacitor 1900-2000.

As we dive into the topic of UFO’s our interest will always remain the technology.

Why the technology you may ask yourself……. Because it would free humanity in many ways. Let’s take a look at these ways.

  1. It would allow humanity to harvest resources from areas currently out of reach.
  2. It would allow us to better explore the cosmos.
  3. It would allow us to colonize another planet with ease.
  4. It would allow us to achieve leaps in science.
  5. Ensure survival of the human species.

These are just five major changes that would come with the disclosure of such technology to our race as human beings. These changes would allow us access to abundance in rare resources needed for the development and fabrication of future technologies. The knowledge that it would bring in the fields of science, industry, space/time travel… would allow us to develop habitats in space to be able to grow the human race into different horizons. We believe these technologies would free humanity in the sense that life can once again be about discovery,┬áresearch and invention, the basic drives of humanity. We believe that the technology might already have been implemented and is currently used by a select few. We base this theory on the fact that several innovations that mankind has achieved did not follow the typical “form follows function” schema.


Many aspects of the topic and research about UFO, hold a great deal of importance to our species. Our focus will always remain in the technology required to get us off this rock we know as Earth!

However, feel free to share with our website and its community your opinion, or even articles that you want us to discuss with this public community. The purpose of this website is to raise awareness and motivate those with the proper information to come out anonymously and help get this technology to the world, free of charge.


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