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Whether we are talking about the technology, the research, the reports, or an analysis of the situation this section is sure to encompass the theme of the website.

The reason we created this website is because so many reports worldwide about UFO’s, so many theories, and some much legitimate visual evidence is available that we have decided to analyze some of it and report to the public our observations. With the possibility of so many stars, it seems highly unlikely that we are alone in the universe. However, with this being a near certain in the law of averages to be more plausible than not we want to look at the topic objectively while keeping in mind that IF alien cultures exist, and are visiting Earth we are interested in what moves their crafts.

Would be nice to live in a world where this kind of transportation was also available to the general public. The type of changes that it would bring to the human race are unforeseeable. The leaps in science and knowledge of the Universe would change, by reaching unprecedented levels.

With recent discoveries within CERN, as well as different advancements in particle physics we have realized one thing as a human species….. “There is more to learn, this proves that our science is still in its infancy.”

Make sure to post our articles to social media, share it with friends. Lets get everyone talking and participating, only then can we get faster, better, and more educated responses that could potentially lead us to developing the needed tech to get off this rock we call Earth!

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