Propulsion Observations within UFO reports

image of Gulf Breeze, Florida UFO.

image of Gulf Breeze, Florida UFO.

Several things can be extracted from the sightings reported around the world.

  1. Erratic high speed movements
  2. Accelerations beyond our technological scope
  3. Silent operation
  4. Interference with electronics
  5. Occasional interaction with lightning storms

Regardless of the sighting, at least 3 or more of these apply to the experience that witnesses report. So with these constants we can hypothesize as to possible directions for development of an “antigravity engine”, “Zero point energy engine”, or focus on certain aspects of physics that will help us get to the correct solution for

future generations.

Becoming a space faring race is very important to our species. It helps guarantee our survival, it helps us develop into a universal race of humans, as well as provides us access with new ways to observe physic’s theories in motion around the universe. All of these aforementioned traits that becoming a space faring race provides us will launch our humanity deeper into the cosmos than ever before.

In this section we will occasionally post articles related to certain fields of science that we believe can help encompass the basic 5 attributes above that seem to be constants in the reports for UFO sightings.

We ask everyone to partake, create an account, submit videos. articles, and opinions on what  your thoughts are. We hope that the involvement of the public in our free website can help us gap the bridge in technology with the purpose of being able to theorize, develop, and help humanity get off this rock we know as Earth.


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