Weird, unexplained artifact/UFO before Falcon 9 explosion

Scrolling through the web I find an article that points out an an artifact or UFO flying past the FalconĀ 9 rocket that was scheduled to launch later on in the week. Screenshots taken from someone’s DVR, show a sphere, flying by and right before it reaches the rocket, the rocket explodes.

The video shows a sphere approaching from the upper right side of the screen at a high rate of speed, much too fast to clearly see it in the normal video. Since the object is high up in the air, and its exact distance to the rocket cannot be verified it is impossible to accurately predict the speed, or the size of the object. The speed and size of the object can be speculated but not accurately.

So now to the photographs:










There are several things about this video that are of concern.

1)As the sphere passes by there is no reaction to the brightness of the explosion, meaning, the “metallic” image does not seem to reflect the bright light from the explosion.

2)The Falcon 9 rocket seems to explode right before the UFO goes past it. This is strange because if the UFO was close to the missile it would seem to put itself in harms way. This is where having a distant object for reference would be helpful.

3)The artifact above in the third image could be due to many different variables all the way from our technologies limitations, to frame-rate change when saved onto the DVR.

4)We know that oil and oxygen do not mix, and can cause ignition specially if oxygen is under pressure. This being a well known fact you would think it would not be the reason. We are very interested in seeing the report as to what actually caused the initial explosion.

5)Smaller explosion seemed to be the catalyst to the bigger explosion. This is common when setting off a high order explosive that is expected to be handled by humans. Example, a bullet, a spark, a smaller charge used to trigger a larger charge.

I have been trying to locate the original video from the FOX news show from which the content was DVR’d but I am having trouble finding the video easily and seems I have to watch a whole lot of her show to arrive to this news report. I honestly have better ways of torturing myself than subjecting myself to watch her show for 5 seconds worth of this report. Any link anyone can provide to the original content, or legitimate content from NASA that can be compared to the video shared on FOX news would be excellent. Now, to share the video with you guys:


Considering historical reports of UFO’s, specifically the ones that relate to how UFO affected our nuclear arsenal in the past, I cannot help but think that maybe this launch was actually some sort of weapon, instead of a Facebook satellite in which someone with a very kool type of ship might have interfered with after recognizing it to be some sort of weapon. It would not be the first time NASA is used to handle a covert ops. If you have any doubts on this statement please look up the U2 spyplane, and Gary Powers…. his aircraft was flying under the cover of a NASA research mission.


original article found at:


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