As the saga of disclosure continues, my thoughts delivered.

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  • As the saga of disclosure continues, my thoughts delivered.

At this point in time we have the following as facts confirmed by a government that has lied about UFO’s/UAP’s for longer than I have been alive… Im’ currently 44 years old. In summary one can say the following:

  1. 70+ years of turning a “blind eye”.
  2. Thousands of legitimate photos taken, by citizens, governments.
  3. Bogus reports to justify non-existence.
  4. Lives destroyed over knowledge.

The above are simple factual statements that we can currently make that are attached to what they have now coined UAP’s (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena). Even when we use the term UAP we do so, and honestly it feels a bit sour as the term was developed to be able to misreport FOIA requests to the public. Knowing this alone sort of makes this topic feel like the ex-girlfriend that lied to you, and suddenly wants to just come over to share more lies. It just hard to trust someone whom has provided such a lengthy history of misdirection, and manipulation.

Now, we are in 2022 and the government has decided they wish to admit to the existence of not UFO’s, but UAP’s, because they got caught (by disclosure of Luis Elizondo, Former Director of the Pentagon Program AATIP), a former employee that stated in his disclosure that “they could potentially pose a threat to us”… This not only brings back memories of that wonderful former girlfriend that has now re-shown up in our lives and is promising to be honest from now on, and never lie again….

Screen grab of the “tic tac” UFO video clip.

Luis Elizondo as everyone knows, claims that he was the Director of the program AATIP (Advanced Aerial Threat Identification Program)…. Even the program name shows the intentions behind his involvement and the programs goals, which seem to summarize to “how do we shoot them down more effectively?”.

Logic begs the following statement, why is there a need for this to be Identified as a threat in what they called “initial studies”; yet, there isn’t one example where they where an actual threat or displayed retaliation to our aggressive moves? That statement makes little sense; yet it is an accurate statement.

To elaborate a bit on my previous points keep on reading.

Tic Tac UFO before plunging into the water. Notice the terrible quality of the picture.

70+ years of turning a “blind eye”

Let’s look back at the military’s earliest known run-in with UFO’s… Roswell, World War II, ancient historical records… and up to the present day, not one run in where they where aggressive to us. That means that in 70+ years of interactions, run-ins, encounters, sightings, and not one instance of aggression to humans. Yet, here is the AATIP “Director” talking about how they are dangerous, because of their potential.

Newspaper released the morning of the crash at Roswell, NM.

Thousands of legitimate photos taken, by citizens, governments.

I used the term “thousands” in the above statement to provide a 99% margin of error on anything reported for those that wish to make that argument. Regardless, if we assume that from the millions of pictures taken by the public since the turn of last century when cameras where invented, that 1% of those are true (for which 1% of those being legitimate is easy to prove) then we have been sitting on one of the largest landmines of information our science could ever experience.

Image of the Real folder cover of Report 8 of Project Blue Book when declassified.

Bogus reports to justify non-existence.

Condon Report. Grudge, Project Blue Book. Specific intelligence programs to discredit people with legitimate experiences. Public sightings witnessed by 20,000+ people discredited… the list goes on. We are now supposed to be thankful that the government has admitted to “We see them too… but what are they?”; but, “oh yea, they look pretty dangerous….”.

There is a current shift of consciousness when it comes to the UFO/UAP or whatever you wish to call it this century. However, this shift seems like it will be shifted to an US VS THEM mentality; which after all my years of looking into this topic I must say I feel completely opposite to this.

I feel like the actual shift we should be focusing on is how to be-friend, learn, understand, and just listen because there certainly is much we could learn. Any difficulties of achieving those steps are small pebbles on the right path.

The famous Richard Doty, whom claimed to have for years provided misinformation to the public on UFO’s. Claims to have provided enough information that ultimately cost a dedicated scientist his life, Paul Bennewitz. Currently, he has joined the UFO movement and claims he is telling the truth.

Lives destroyed over knowledge…

Plenty of scientists, scholars, journalists, and witnesses had to come to terms with the statement “if I come forward with this, I will probably loose my job, and everything I have worked for.”

It should never be this way. Our science today would’ve made us magicians in the 1500’s. For some reason in this world it became the “right thing to do” to discourage advances in all aspects of humanity, from science to cultural development, and it was encouraged by allowing the norm to become exactly this. I personally have always thought of advances in general to be an excellent thing that propels us into the “future”, you know…. the one with flying cars and the such.

Paul Bennewitz.

How I see this topic of “Disclosure by the Government”.

I’ve been thinking long on whether I wish to share my deepest sentiments on this. I do not wish to come off incorrectly, or have my statements misconstrued by either side of the discussion. I have little faith that the governments of the world will do the right thing when no ones looking; hence, I personally do not trust this campaign that has been released as “Disclosure”. So far, the release of half truth’s with spotty videos taken with what seems to be the bottom of the barrel in technology and resolution from the most advanced aircraft our militaries have. If you think I am referring to the “Tic Tac UFO”…. you would be spot on. No resolution, just high speed tracking, and video from the “tracking” camera. We can photograph a pack of cigarette’s from space… yet this fuzzy, lacking, video of a conversation and a dot on your screen is the basis for this “disclosure” movement. You can google much better, and legitimate footage online, yet the tic tac is what has “started” this “disclosure” movement… Unfortunately, something doesn’t add up with all of this. The rollout of this “Disclosure” has had a great presentation since the start, but it doesn’t seem like the folks have enjoyed much of the served popcorn or refreshments.

Screenshot of the Congressional Hearing on UAP’s. The Pentagon informed the US Govt. Representatives that UAP (unidentified Aerial Phenomena) is not Aliens, but that they don’t know what it is. Seems like it’ll be a campaign of fear mongering and misdirection once again.

The direction of the current disclosure movement is very concerning

Much of the concern for me personally stems from the spin being put on this topic. The word threat is used in the name of AATIP. The “first” official release is of a USN aircraft “attempting” pre-engagement tracking of a unrecognizable target that truthfully is hard to tell of any directional changes, vs camera changes. Nothing is identifiable in the target… just a white dot. Target seems to be trying to avoid the USN F-18’s, who clearly use cameras of much lower quality than my RC Aircrafts FPV analogue models. Then you have the former “Director” of said AATIP program Luis Elizondo, talking about how their capabilities make them a danger to us, which in fact if this was a completely new topic I would agree with; however, the truth is, this has been studied, observed, analyzed, and scrutinized behind closed doors for over 70 years, and this being a fact makes Luis Elizondo’s statement a very direction oriented statement. He follows up the statement by quoting “unacknowledged” data about fly-overs of nuclear facilities in the mid-west USA. This presentation of the topic is a great spin to make us feel afraid, and doesn’t clearly portray the reality of the situation. The next common statement made is, “they shut down our nukes….”, to which I can only reply with “would you let a monkey hold a stick of dynamite?”, “no, you would take it away!”

At the current direction all that is clearly evident is that the UAP/UFO Topic is being spun as a threat to “our way of life”; which I’m certain that will end up being the key statement of the “us vs them” campaign that we seem to be headed in, and we need to raise a much better level of awareness that does not follow a path of war, or fear driven state.

The Basic Facts Of the Topic of UFO’s/UAP’s

  1. Not one example of hostility can be defined from the “unknown” visitors, but I can give you a few examples of us shooting.
  2. Blanket statement made by the USA debrief was “we don’t understand their technology”, accepting they cannot defend against it.
  3. Before the topic became “possible fact”, Air Force had already claimed possession of a saucer that their radar systems helped bring down…. then the story was retracted.
  4. Too many mass sightings around the world, documented by too many people to deny and still no aggression.
  5. As humans we understand this technology would improve every aspect of our existence.

What happens if “they” end up being hostile?

This is the big question that entities designed for self-existence during disasters (Governments) “fear” for. Unfortunately, this is the case in many countries and a large part of the reason why most world powers wanted to keep the knowledge to themselves with the notion that folks would think it was theirs, and they are the strongest on the world powers food chain. Although, there has never been a confirmed attack from a UFO/UAP there is plenty of confirmation that the military was exposed to their presence early on during the last century. As individuals, and law enforcement officials escalated the requests for help with answers. Keep in mind that I make this statement after the Government has admitted that, “yes, they exist… No, we have no idea what they are”, we can observe a recent shift in peoples perceptions of the topic to a more positive, less war driven nature.

If “they” chose to be violent I firmly believe we wouldn’t stand a chance to even press the Mutually Assured Self Destruction button. After 70+ years of sightings, and no aggression I believe it is highly unlikely that they have travelled the stars to come nuke us. However, in the same positive thought I am concerned with the fact that several accounts have involved us firing shots at “them”, without supposedly knowing what they are. This makes for a bit of an uncomfortable thought about what happens if someone shoots at me… personally, I would retaliate. This is the basis of my concern on this topic, we have set expectations on many occasions and fired first, now after the USA government came out with acknowledgement of UAP’s, and now we are questioning their intentions. This alludes to a bit more knowledge than previously stated by the government which was “we have no idea what they are, but they aren’t aliens”. Let’s look at the case of the Tic Tac UFO/UAP… Object shows up… comes down in altitude to within “fighter jet reach”… the object is moving at an incredible speed against a 125knot wind (140mph wind)… Navigator begins attempting target lock, F18A moves into engagement position to maintain air “superiority”…

The analysis of the above statement.

If you shoot at me, my home or my car, or even point a gun at me, the result would be in a much more violent reaction on my part than the original act of aggression. However we are expecting, something we know nothing about to “not be violent”, after we’ve realized our weapons are ineffective. Also, im pretty sure that if you take a shot at me, it takes away the ability of us being friends…..

Now to analyze the Tic Tac incident…

The object was much higher, flying faster than our pilots on their best day…. It begs to reason that their weapons are probably the sort of thing we would call magic. The object descends to a “reachable” altitude”, and the Navigators begin trying to “lock” the object. Typically, our foes can easily tell when we are attempting to track them, and gain “target lock”. Do you think UFO’s/UAP’s aren’t able to discern those basic electronics signals our planes make?…. Then we lock the UAP/UFO, and F-18A dives into a pursuit/engagement run. Sounds like we are setting the tone if this is indeed the first encounters with UFO’s/UAP’s as a government. Now, imagine everything I just said and add another 6 planes to that engagement. What does it look like now?. Does it look like we are projecting peace and understanding?

What I see here is several different scenarios that have “given” us the confidence to assume they are hostile. Scenario 1, We know what they are, and they don’t like us. Scenario 2, we know they aren’t more advanced than us, and they won’t fire back. Scenario 3, could be we just simply aren’t smart enough to comprehend what we are doing, all while worrying about if they are hostile.

Are they hostile?…… I don’t know… I guess we’ll shoot and see……….. (every government in the world)

A more realistic perspective

Here is the reality of the situation: regardless of religion, sex, color, intelligence, or abilities… if they want us dead, we would already be dead. I do not believe we would have even had the chance to understand what happened to us. We are trying to forecast, size up, and think we have a potential chance against (if 10% of the accounts are true) an alien civilization that could potentially be millions of years older than us, that can build things we do not understand, can fly while clearly breaking the laws of physics, thermodynamics, and shakes the core of what we consider our biggest achievements. It would be more than ignorant to think we stand any type of chance. The fact that we shoot prior to gaining understanding (if what the congressional hearing said was true) baffles me. We are shooting at an unknown, while wondering if they are hostile and now the USA government wants to say in it’s trickle down of “disclosure” that they are concerned if they where to become hostile. No kidding, you punched the giant in the nuts and now you are wondering if it is upset with you.

What direction do I feel we should take when it comes to a plan for dealing with what will soon become the most important thing our planet and its inhabitants can go through?

I think we can come up with every plan in the world. We can rehearse every scenario. Expect the unexpected. However, If a ship lands on the Whitehouse lawn no planned scenario will survive the initial sighting. A big part of planning how this would go should have started back in 1960’s. To simply undo the fear campaigns the governments where investing their time into then. Now, we are faced with many generations later that are not sure how they should react, or if it’s even more important than missing a sitcom.

Finding a way to become a space faring nation should be what the goal of all countries should be. Hunger, starvation, poverty is fixable within 10 years, and should be as important as becoming a space faring nation.

What are the disadvantages to becoming a space faring race?

Imagine, asteroid mining becomes a possibility. The first cargo carrying 1 trillion tons of gold that will be brought to the planet over the course of a year with smaller ships, arrives in orbit. This first cargo load alone in worth could solve poverty, hunger… or does it?

The reality of the situation is that it wouldn’t solve any of the issues previously stated. In fact, it would have a completely different outcome. Economies would crash. Panic selling would begin. Gold assets that are how countries trade would become worthless as there is such an abundance of gold. Hunger, poverty and the such are problems that are only solved via social collectives, but remember, if there is no problem there is no money to be made. Now returning to the impact of our first shipment of more gold than we have ever imagined arriving on Earth. As countries scramble to find out how little they are worth, laws will immediately be enacted to help protect investments, bonds and the such all while other minerals will become more valuable than gold. This shift will cause a change in the market drastic enough where those that invested in Lithium might now be the new market kings.

The point in the above scenario is to outline the de-stabilization of what one shipment of gold would do to our economy. Thinking we can solve social problems with money will become a thing of the past, and maybe then we can address the correct problem, human nature.

What are the advantages of becoming a space faring race?

This question can be answered in so many different ways that it is probably the hardest question to answer. We gain existence, orbital presence, we maximize our chances of survival as a human race, we eliminate control from governments over groups of people, humanity would gain complete freedom, economies would change in what is commodity or a necessity. Maybe worth would be measured differently at that point.

The potential that any of this technology can provide for humans is endless and should be the fore-front of our collective goals as a species. Without naming specific companies out there, we are seeing one rising to the top with the goal or colonizing Mars. We really aren’t that far from achieving this goal, and we are doing it with technology based on fuel systems that limit our abilities. Imagine having a discussion of how to colonize Mars, while having a Tic Tac UFO/UAP sitting in the garage that you can hop in and check it out. The possibilities become endless for humans. Distances would be irrelevant, fuel wouldn’t be an issue. Humanity as a species would have to change and work together to succeed. Humanity would thrive in many places and develop independently in many ways further introducing variety to our genetics. Becoming a space faring race will change every aspect of humans, physically, biologically, emotionally. Science will eventually focus on what it needs to focus on away from opinions, politics, or any influence besides just progressing the human race forward by providing solid data. I understand this is an oversimplification of a very complex topic, and I can appreciate the challenges it delivers but nothing I have shared this far seems impossible to me.

As you read my opinion above please note that this isn’t an article about politics, economy, or religion. It is an article about direction, lack of direction, and lack of higher understanding than what it is currently needed. Should we be ready to defend?, always!!!, but this is being presented as a problem; instead of what it really is… something superior to us in knowledge. It could even be us from the future!

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