How UFO/UAP ‘declassification’ by the DOD really worked out for us.

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Part of the assistance bills that President Donald Trump was forced to pass towards the end of his term, one of them had a small clause in it that has started the ball rolling on information release to the public about UFO’s and UAP’s.

This was in my personal opinion one of the better parts of the year 2021. This is a year of covid-19 and continued crazyness in the world. The bills clause was essentially that the Pentagon and the DOD had 6 months to gather and release information about UFO’s/UAP’s.

As the world discussed the news of the soon to come release of information as well as the speculations of past events, and the forecasting of how it will destroy the world, bring religion down, and create chaos in everything. I recall in my person circles discussing this and saying that nothing would come of it. As the date became closer old videos began to be discussed again. Then we receive news…… the big release….. “yes, there are UFO but we call them UAP’s; and no we do not know who they are, or where they are from. By the way these 3 old videos are real… Also, please meet Luis Elizondo he had everything to do with this since 2007…”

At this point it is the end of 2021 and the world remains focused on COVID-19, President Trump, and political crazyness. I recall bringing up the topic in a non-related meeting I had, and to my amazement no one knew of it but it seemed that the world and my peers may have been more focused on what Kim Kardashian had for breakfast that morning.

In the release that the DOD had made, it left much to be desired. Limited details, limited “proof”, and nothing to really say about older cases. This is the current reality of the situation with this mandated disclosure.

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