OMG The Govt confirms UFO’s/UAP’s are real… (part 1)

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Welcome to the first post of what is to become a small series on our website regarding open steps to declassification of UFO’s/UAP’s info by uncle Sam. As you may have recently heard, the United States Government has finally come out and stated that UFO’s/UAP’s are real. While they did spend some time telling us and showing us 3 videos that are the backbone of their statement that these crafts are not ours. The 3 videos they released, all taken by NAVY Pilots show what the military calls a UAP (unidentified aerial phenomena). Everything from the movement, to the looks of it is your classic Tic-Tac type UFO/UAP.

In the videos we can appreciate the erratic behavior, the speed, course changes as well as the trained observers comments while trying to get in an advantageous position of engagement. In the video we can see the UAP’s/UFO’s moving to evade what they clearly recognized to be an engageable situation.

One of the features that completely blows my mind is the ability of these crafts to evade, outrun, disappear. Any object that can move this way is definitely technology that we as a species absolutely need, and we need this technology before our enemies get it.

I have spent a large portion of my life wanting to learn everything I possibly can about these crafts with the intention of making sure human kind can thrive with that technology and ultimately become a space faring nation. Many of you wonder why this is so important; well, here it goes…… WE NEED TO GET OFF THIS ROCK WE CALL EARTH!!!!!

Asteroids, comets, solar flares, satellites, debris are amongst a few of the immediate threats that we face on a daily basis from space. It really isn’t a matter of how, but more of a “when will it happen” type of scenario. If humans had the ability to use these crafts, we would be in the absolute best position possible to survive any future catastrophe.

This particular revelation has caused me to question several things about how this has came to be. First and foremost, it is government driven. When the government drives a topic like this, it automatically reminds me of nothing more than mis-information campaign as they have done before. Although, the previous statement applies to the USA government, it is important to note that every government around the world is guilty of this and all for the most part have perpetuated this. Due to these facts, we are forever reluctant on what any government releases that they call fact.

I am also reluctant in this instance because of all the people involved are high profile folks. For example, we have the lead singer of Blink 182… We have the head director (Ret.) of the ATIPS program and several organizations all pitching in to make this seem as valid as possible. This further “proof” provided by highly decorated witnesses to me is suspect.

Lets examine previous “news” of UFO’s with the brief summary below…

First, the Air Force reports a recovered disk (Roswell), then they backtrack with the story of a weather balloon all while having several crash sites. This instance of a disk becomes the first recorded case of denial. Then, some time later they create the Condon Report, which ultimately becomes Project Blue Book. Regardless of the name of the program, lies is accurately described to be the outcome.

Here we are in 2022, and now the government is telling us that “yes, we know that they are UAP’s but we don’t know anything about them.” This can be laughable at best.

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