About Us

I get emails often from folks wondering who i am. The question is often, are you an insider?, a whistleblower?, or just some person making assumptions about UFO’s, the technology, their origins, and their pilots

About the website

UFOResearchers,Com is a website in which its members can read reasonable analysis of UFO cases, sightings, research, and read theories proposed by our team. This website has been operational since 2014, however, the research has been active and ongoing for the last 35 years.

About the author of this website.

The author of this website has been researching UFO’s since a very early age. From firsthand experience researching in the Caribbean, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, France, South America and the USA.

Having the opportunity to do first hand research on some of the biggest UFO cases in history has provided me some insight into some of the questions that we are faced with everyday and every time that we read an article about strange lights, and strange occurrences.

It is in my opinion that UFO’s are a combination of multiple things. Secret government programs, other unknowns, dimensional entities. To provide a better summary we have no honest idea, but see that in many reports contactees report that they are from other planets or dimensions.

My name is Steve and I welcome you to our website. Create an account, and feel free to share your experiences with us.

I have spent my entire life studying this “phenomena”. I grew up outside of the continental USA and to us, UFO’s / UAP’s where a common occurrence. It wasnt until I came to the USA did I learn that this was a fringe topic. I ended up doing my research privately. A few folks had knowledge of my interests or even the data I enjoyed parsing through. As I grew up I saw many folks get ridiculed, lose jobs, or even end up being classified as a nut job publicly. I was determined to learn about them and eventually hope that my knowledge and understanding is shared.

Currently, I am in my mid-forties and still have a deep passion for this topic. Part of the journeys we are looking to complete include looking for evidence in Mount Rainier, and eventually ending up in north-eastern New York to research some consistent occurrences that are non-stop.

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