UFO Sighting in Hugo, Minnesota on 2020-11-22 23:24:00 – Pulsating orb

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I went outside to my screened in porch to have a cigarette. it is elevated and faces east. gazing up at the sky a particularly bright “star” caught my eye. after a while it appeared to be getting brighter, then dimmer. pulsating and moving positions slightly. to make sure, i held the pad of one of my fingers over it. i knew it was moving because the “star” moved over the top of my finger pad. i went to grab my phone. i checked the time on my way out because i am trained in reporting incidents to law enforcement and government agencies for my career. it was 11:24pm when i began recording. the first few seconds i was fumbling with the zoom and settled at 7.5 magnification. after that point i did not move the camera. the orb moved up down,side,side,diagonally etc very quickly, and without noise. it also appeared to hover at times. it is not the first time i feel like i have seen similar things since moving here 2 years ago, but i never have been able to get a photo to show anything other than black sky. so i tried video this time.
after i magnified it. i was able to see details easier. it glowed gold. and seemed to pulsate. it appeared something was revolving around the center that gave the illusion of the gold pulsing light getting dimmer when this rotation occurred. the longer i stared at it i would catch glimpses of a rose to blue twinkle or a blue to green twinkle like a prism would twinkle when it caught the sun. after some time i began to feel uneasy. the orb would get brighter and rapidly move. not quite like i was being watched, just a sense that i should go inside. at some pt. i stopped recording, but was still staring at it. my eyes were open and i could clearly see the orb, but i saw a green haze,mist,cloud, or aura…. not sure which word describes it best….. but the green haze was not in front of the orb or surrounding it, it was in my minds eye. like i was seeing two separate things at the same time. it creeped me out and i went inside. the orb was still there when i went inside.
the video i took is less than 3 minutes long, but when i went inside it was 11:38pm. so after i stopped recording, i must have stared at it for almost 11 minutes after that before i finally went inside.
Source: UFO Stalker
UFO Sighting in Hugo, Minnesota on 2020-11-22 23:24:00 – Pulsating orb

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