Review of Bob Lazar, Area 51 and Flying Saucers documentary

So tonight being the last day of holiday vacation in Florida, i decided to kick back order a pizza and watch this movie/documentary made by Jeremy Corbell.

First before i review the movie/documentary i need to share with you that the Bob Lazar story fascinated me as a child. His story came out at the same time that i had began to look for explanations on things I would witness as child by the beach in my hometown. I grew up researching his story out of fascination. If true, it is THE most crucial glimpse into what we can achieve if this information is released to the world.

The documentary starts off in a backtracking style during the story line. The initial text messages shared with Bob Lazar, and George Knapp definitely get your interest in how the story will develop. Due to it being such a great start to this movie/documentary i am not going to divulge or spoil it.

The movie goes on to elaborate, the first interview that brought Bob Lazar to the public’s eye, all the way to what filming this documentary has brought to his life. The movie as it develops goes into details of the function and methods of propulsion that Bob Lazar got to study while employed.

Overall, i highly recommend this movie. It was a great watch and i look forward to other documentaries/movies made by Jeremy Corbell. As far as a message from us here at UFOResearchers.Com to Bob Lazar, all we have to say is: Thank you for your courage, and thank you for getting the information out to the public.

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