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As you may all have figured out, I love discussing the topic of UFO’s. My intrigue with this topic comes from some weird experiences that I am going to share with you all that have happened through out my life.


It all started on a coastal town, about 100 feet from the beach in the Caribbean. In a spot where I spent hours, many childhood hours gazing into the northern horizon, and northern atlantic sky.

This spot is where I would spend my early evenings after dinner looking at the sky and thinking on many different ideas that would run through my brain.

I recall sitting here with my father as a child. We would come here to watch the strange lights just over the Atlantic ocean. I grew up thinking that it was normal to see the unknown lights doing weird maneuvers. I initially could only see lights, it would be years before i was actually able to observe something more than just lights in the sky. Where i grew up, talking about UFO’s was not an odd subject, it was more as just someone who had a chance to see the usual lights around the island that many had already witnessed as residents.

It wasn’t until i moved out to the continental USA that i realized that this was a pretty strange topic, and many thought that it was something that could never happen, and was just “conspiracy”, or something crazy that dumb people believed in. To this day, i don’t like to reveal my full name when discussing this topic as i do not wish to be ridiculed while trying to share my experiences. I have met many people over the years whom have lost everything just trying to share instances of sighting of strange lights and other type of events regarding to the phenomenon.

My interest in this topic is along the lines of what the technology can do for humanity. I believe it could change our world, provide us clean energy, make humanity a space faring nation, and perhaps get us to colonize other worlds. That is my interest in the phenomenon, and always has been since I first began to think about it, and experience it. Please don’t misunderstand, if I had a chance to meet an extraterrestrial I would be very pleased. I would ask every questions I could to be able to build a propulsion system here on Earth.

Going back to the topic of what gave me the bug to want to learn everything there is to learn on this topic.

My first experience seeing something out of the norm in this cliff area at the beach, was with my father. He would go out every night to this area and walk on the road above the beach to enjoy the breeze. I was 8 years old the first time he invited me to go for a walk with him after sunset in this area. We walked to this area and I recall it being my first time seeing a cruise ship moving off the coast. Seeing a cruise ship at night going past the beach is a pretty impressive display and I recall every minute of it. We sat out there for about an hour, and I recall him asking me questions about the stars. Before we left, as we were stargazing I saw a strange light near the horizon. This light would move in circles, very fast. My father had a private pilots license, and I grew up flying in his plane. I knew immediately that it was not a plane.

Shortly after the light disappeared, we walked back to the house. As we walked we kept discussing this light, and how it moved. I shortly after began to learn that this was a common sight in this area. My mother had grown up in the house by the beach, so as soon as I got home I told her about the strange light. Her response to me was, “yes I’ve seen the weird lights off the coast before. That’s been happening for a long time here”. I recall my amazement and pretty much decided at that moment to learn exactly what these lights were.

From the age of 8 to 13 years old, I spent my spare time, playing with electronics and learning about what would cause these lights. Of course, the locals will pretty much explain these lights as UFO’s. I initially thought it could be a new type of airplane, but really had a hard time thinking it was aliens flying around the horizon; however, the movement was just not of that of an airplane. I recall setting out on this mission to interview every single local that had seen these lights, or had any strange experience that was accredited to a UFO sighting. One of my first interview was with a local diver nicknamed Sea Hunt. His nick name came from the boat that he owned. He was a strange individual that had spent some time in jail in his younger years, and had become a diver when he was released. His job as a divemaster was to help the local police departments, and take tourists out to explore the waters around the island.

Sea Hunt’s particular experience was very detailed and about 10 other folks witnessed this event with him. He was also a friend of my family as he had grown up in the area, and had gone to school with my mom. His sighting was the first time I actually spoke to someone who claimed to have seen aliens. He was out on his boat one night with a group of divers heading back to shore just after sunset. They had been diving nearby the Puerto Rico trench, which is one of the deepest parts of the water just 13 miles north of the island. It is known locally for having awesome diving with an unreal drop off. He had stated that about half way back in a common Marlin fishing spot, him and his crew had witnessed strange lights under the water. The lights came out of the water to reveal a cigar shaped spaceship that had what he called aliens on the round windows looking at them as it hovered about 20 feet above the water. He had stated that there really was not a typical amount of disruption to the water and that’s how he knew it was not a ship made by humans. I remember taking a large tape recorder to record his interview and review it later. This was one of the most magnificent stories I had ever heard. I recall one of my final questions to him being, “where can I find the other witnesses?”. Three of the folks on his boat that night were residents of a town next to mine. This was a town my father worked in, and also the town where my fathers plane was parked. On the island, everyone knows everyone. That’s just a simple fact. I followed up and over the course of the next month I spent a great deal of my spare time setting up interviews with these folks so I could look for inconsistencies in the story and determine if it was true or not. All of their stories were spot on accurate down to the detail of how many windows over was where the alien was standing. This absolutely fascinated me. Still I was not ready to blindly believe in little grey beings looking out of windows, in a spaceship that didn’t disturbed the water on exiting it.

As time went on, I read a lot on the subject, I asked everyone I could if they saw or had seen the weird lights in the sky. On the island, it is common for folks to have seen them. All everyone would tell me is, if you look at the sky you will see them. Just about every night I made it a point to look at the sky with binoculars to see if I could witness the lights so I could begin to base my own hypothesis on my experiences and not on others experiences. I will say that initially looking for them I did not find them. If I remember correctly I would say about 3 to 4 months went by before I would have my next sighting.

My next sighting was not as spectacular as the first. I didn’t see aliens then either. We were watching the sky with binoculars, and we initially thought it was a satellite moving by. Man made satellites moving by in a dark sky are a common sight. This particular satellite made a sharp turn at the steady speed it was moving at. The turn can only be described as a 90 degree turn with no change in speed. Shortly after that it vanished with a streak of light. I knew immediately that this was also not ours. Since then, the obsession began full bore.

I am interested in the topic, and have spent 32 years researching this topic with the same passion as when I was a young man. My interest as I stated earlier is the technology. I am obviously also interested in their origins and how they have achieved space travel with the observed capacities. By this I mean, the typical reports of making sharp turns at incredible rates of speed, and how they are able to travel such long distances (assuming they are from another world) in such short times.

If we are able to understand how they achieve space travel, then it would be a safe assumption that we could possibly mimic it and be able to colonize other worlds, or even be able to have access to rare minerals in other solar or galactic bodies. I suspect it would also help up understand wormholes, and would help us better define gravity, which currently is the most poorly explained variable in physics.

I ask that you share any information with me regarding any experiences, or events that you have seen, videotaped, witnessed, or taken photos of. Anything that can help us get to understand how the move would be of help. Anything that helps understand any other variable associated with their ships or sighting helps get to the bottom of what makes their ships work the way they do. Once this info is understood, it can be turned over to the world for all interested to research and develop on the technology so it can grow to its full potential.


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