The Zone of Silence, Mexico

Anyone that researches UFO’s will eventually come across a very unique place in this world known as the “Zona del Silencio”, or Zone of Silence in English.

What?, Where?

The image above is the mountains that surround the Zone of Silence, along with 2 strange unknown objects.

The Zone of Silence is located between parallel 26 and 28, which is also the same parallel’s in which the Bermuda Triangle is located east. The Zone of Silence initially gained popularity in the 1930’s when a pilot flying over it lost radio communications and was unable to radio Air Traffic Control. It is located in the Northern Mexico dessert between Chihuahua, Durango and Coahuila, Mexico. The Zone of Silence is named after the fact that no radio signals can be received in the area. Although many websites out there claim that this is just an urban, my experiences in this place are consistent with what the internet calls the folklore of the area.

My first visit to this area happened in 2013. Since then I have had a few chances to re-visit, but can say that it has always been consistently strange. Lets take the image above, i took this image and took it from the side of the road. I took the picture because to the right of the airplanes contrail there was a strange light that i could not discern. After arriving back at the hotel, i noticed that there was also a light to the left of the plane. I took many pictures that day, but this is the only picture that showed these anomalies.

A bit of history of the Zone of Silence

In 1970 the USA military in near Green River, Utah fired an Athena missile towards the White Sands test range. During the test, the missile mysteriously veered off-course and traveled 400 miles and crashed in the center of an anomalous magnetic zone within the Zone of Silence.

In February 1969, one of the largest carbonaceous chondrite meteors fell in this area. Reports of how big it was vary as well as the total recovered weight which is said to be between 2 tonnes, and 5 tonnes, based on the material recovered from the crash.  With a content of 23% iron, it is believed that the magnetic anomaly was the cause of why it crashed there.

                                                                                           Image below, is a cross section of a fragment of the Allende meteorite.


This zone is also known for an event known as the Mexico UFO “Roswell” Crash. The date is Agust 25th, 1974, a private pilot is flying his small airplane near the Rio Grande. A mid-air collision with an unknown object forces the plane down, while simultaneously the unidentified flying object begins a high speed uncontrolled descent to its future crash site, in the zone of silence. Shortly after both, airplane and UFO crash a race between the Mexican, and American government begins to retrieve the UFO remains. Not much additional information is available besides these basic facts regarding the mid air collision and eventual crash of the UFO.

It is interesting to note that there is a Mexican laboratory in the Zone of Silence, and not much information is also available on what this scientific research facility is in charge of. The only information i was able to find regarding this facility is that it was established to research the magnetic anomaly in the area, as well as the lack of signals from which the zone of silence gets its name from.

Personal observations of my visit

The Zone of Silence feels just like its name. It is a hot, quiet place. When I arrived in the area, i knew i was near because the radio stopped working. Shortly after i pulled over to the side of the road, and got out of the car to measure magnetic readings in the area with my cellphone. I used an app that allows me access to my cellphones sensors. The app initially did not point to actual north. Due to this i stopped at several spots within the Zone of Silence to measure, and i was not able to get an accurate magnetic north reading. Many websites claim that this is just part of the areas folklore, and a few different websites i read stated that even the locals did not believe these “myths” of the area. The fact is, that the magnetic disturbance is real, the locals talk about the anomalies openly and were glad to share what they knew about the area. Meteor hunters frequent this area in search of stones that have fallen from the sky. The mentality for this is that meteorites that have a high metal content will be attracted to the area. These types of meteors are also worth the most in the market. I snapped many pictures of the area, and the only interesting image was the one at the beginning which showed 2 objects at each side of an airplanes contrail.

I plan on returning to the area once i am able to schedule an appointment with the staff of the lab located at the Zone of silence. This way i can better learn what the believed scientific reasons for the anomalies are. I do have a hard time going with the current theory that the reason for all the anomalies is that it is located in the latitude that it is. This latitude has the Zone of Silence, The Bermuda Triangle, The pyramids in Egypt and a few other further east. Although it is a great thought, the magnetic anomaly is not found in any of the other historical sites known.

One thing i would be interested in researching at this location is how the constant change in true north and true south affects the magnetic resonance in this area. Perhaps, we could get some funding in the future to analyze these changes and its effect on the Zone of Silence.


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