UFO Sighting in Hugo, Minnesota on 2020-11-22 23:24:00 – Pulsating orb

UFO Stalker
I went outside to my screened in porch to have a cigarette. it is elevated and faces east. gazing up at the sky a particularly bright “star” caught my eye. after a while it appeared to be getting brighter, then dimmer. pulsating and moving positions slightly. to make sure, i held the pad of one of my fingers over it. i knew it was moving because the “star” moved over the top of my finger pad. i went to grab my phone. i checked the time on my way out because i am trained in reporting incidents to…

UFO Sighting in Toronto, Ontario on 2020-07-27 15:27:00 – Object moves in near-linear line with speed, stopping before a cloud. appears to have moments of fuzziness.

UFO Stalker
I filmed this on july 27th, 3:27pm above the middle of toronto with hospitals, parliament, and the city’s sign. i didn’t mean to catch it on video and i really don’t know why i videoed. more random on my part.

i couldn’t discern the object when i first saw it. i’ll describe at length, forgive the stream of consciousness:

object, white’ish in colour, moves very quickly in a near-linear line (it makes small wavers in slow-mo) with great speed before stopping before a cloud maybe 5,000+ feet high. zooming in on 4k video 60fps to the circle, it…

Review of Bob Lazar, Area 51 and Flying Saucers documentary

So tonight being the last day of holiday vacation in Florida, i decided to kick back order a pizza and watch this movie/documentary made by Jeremy Corbell.

First before i review the movie/documentary i need to share with you that the Bob Lazar story fascinated me as a child. His story came out at the same time that i had began to look for explanations on things I would witness as child by the beach in my hometown. I grew up researching his story out of fascination. If true, it is THE most crucial…

NASA Document TR R-277 – Moon Anomalies Log

Anyone that has invested time into the UFO topic has at some point came across the anomalies happening on the moon. NASA just like many of us interested in this topic has also conducted extensive research into our “only natural satellite”.

Below is a link to some of this research with citations as to who, how, when, and what was observed. This paper talks about everything from clouds on the moon, to weird strange unexplained observations. See the link below for the NASA document.



We hope you never need it, but if you do please…

Weird, unexplained artifact/UFO before Falcon 9 explosion

Scrolling through the web I find an article that points out an an artifact or UFO flying past the Falcon 9 rocket that was scheduled to launch later on in the week. Screenshots taken from someone’s DVR, show a sphere, flying by and right before it reaches the rocket, the rocket explodes.

The video shows a sphere approaching from the upper right side of the screen at a high rate of speed, much too fast to clearly see it in the normal video. Since the object is high up in the air, and its exact distance to the rocket cannot be…

Generalized opinions and perspectives – The Baseline

This post is just for discussion, thoughts, and perspectives within the topic of UFO’s. My statements are based on the experiences and knowledge gained though research that I have done for over 25+ years. I will not be very detailed for the sake of discussion, and for the sake of being able to complete this post in a timely fashion. Many individuals do their own research, and anything mentioned within my posts can be easily googled; this permits you to choose a source of reference that you feel is reliable.

Defining UFO’s: (Unidentified Flying Objects) This means that because something is unique in design and cannot be…

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